Daily Deliveries to Wichita and Emporia, KS

  Courier Service and Rates

Courier/Small Package rates are custom calculated based on origin and destination zip codes.  Courier rates can be quoted quickly and easily by calling 816-587-4854.  For a general estimate of rates based on miles and weight, click here.

Express Regular - Delivery of your Product within 4 hours

Express Rush - Delivery of your product within 1 hour

Express Hotshot - Nationwide delivery to any zipcode

Standard Truck Rates
*applying to the KC Metro Area Only
Accessorial Charges
Rush service        $20.00
Lift gate service   $15.00/min
Haz-Mat service   $20.00



0-499 lbs.                         $35.00

500-999 lbs.                     $40.00

1000-1999 lbs.                 $45.00

2000-2999 lbs.                 $50.00

3000-3999 lbs.                 $55.00

4000-4999 lbs.                 $60.00

5000-5999 lbs.                 $70.00

6000-7999 lbs.                 $80.00

8000-9999 lbs.                 $95.00

10,000-11,999 lbs.           $110.00

Trailer load                      $150.00



  • Rates include 20 minutes loading & unloading on dock high trucks, 60 minutes loading & unloading time on trailer loads.

  • Full dock high minimum $95.00.

  • Rates do not include fuel surcharge. Surcharge based on U.S. Dept. of Energy weekly fuel index.

Standard Truck Rates
*applying to the KC Metro Area Only